Wartales Legendary Weapons List (2024)

One of the joys of playing RPGs is finding top-tier loot and Wartales is no exception. The sandbox-style game sees you exploring across a medieval landscape completing quests and fighting in tactical turn-based battles. Occasionally, often when defeating bosses or competing arenas, you’ll find one of the game’s Legendary Weapons. If you want to find specific ones for your companions, check out our Wartales Legendary Weapons list below for all the locations.

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What are Legendary Weapons in Wartales?

Wartales Legendary Weapons List (1)

Legendary weapons are the best weapons you can equip to your companions in Wartales. You’ll know you’ve got one when you look at the weapon description and the title of it is in purple. You’ll also note that all Legendary Weapons are named, showing they’re unique.

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Legendary Weapons have the best stats in the game. Better still, Legendary Weapons level up as the character they’re equipped to levels up. This means that once a companion has one they’re essentially armed for the rest of the game, so you can feel free to add the best oils you have to them knowing you won’t find a weapon to replace it. I didn’t have a Brute when I found Dagan’s Hammer in Tiltren Tomb, but I made sure one was my next hire!

Legendary weapon list – Wartales

Let us know in the comments below if you find any other Legendary Weapons in Wartales, as more are likely to be added in future updates. Note that all of these weapons give additional damage or crit bonuses as well, but these level up and change as the character also levels up, so we can't really list them here.

Weapon TypeItem NameLocationDamageExtras
Two-handed MaceDagan's HammerTiltren Ruin35%Damage to area. Hits once if single target, Hits 3 times if 2 targets or more. 3m area (wide arc).
DaggerElderguardTiltren Vanquish Mission (Vesuna's Pack - Trackers)50%Disengage and deal Damage to the nearest 3 enemies within 4 meters. 4m area (circle around unit).
Two-handed SwordClaretTiltren Vanquish Mission (Diewer's Gang - Outlaws)60-80%Damage to Area. Applies Dazed to all units hit. Dazed: This unit's next attack of opportunity deals no Damage. 2m area (wide arc).
Two-handed AxeJudgmentTiltren Vanquish Mission (Eligann's Troop - Guard)60-80%Damage to target and gains Unleashed. Cannot engage with this attack. Unleashed: Damage increased by 5% and cannot be engaged in combat.
Two-handed AxeMutinyTiltren Vanquish Mission (Eitlingarde's Followers - Inquisition)80%Damage to area. If attack hits at least 2 targets, it applies Vulnerability. 2m area (circle around unit).
Two-handed MaceLucillaTiltren Boss135%Targets an area. At the start of the next turn deal Damage to area and knock units back 6m. Targeting. 3m area (wide arc).
One-handed MaceErkeshet's MaceArther Ruin50-60%if unit's Strength > target's: Damage x 2 and will Crit.
Off-hand (Shield)RampartArthes Arena30-40%Damage to target. Damage increased by 15% for each bonus and debuff on target and this unit.
BowIndomitable OneArthes Boss50%Damage to area. Crit: knock back 2m and lose 10% of max Hp. 9m area (Line).
DaggerViperSmot's Arena60%Damage to target. Consumes all Poisons applied to increase damage by 25% per application.
Two-handed AxeSplitterVertruse Boss90%Damage to area. Damage is split among the units hit & applies 1 Bloodshed for each 1 Damage dealt. Bloodshed: targets lose health equal to num of applications at the end of turn and lose Bloodshed. (Stackable) 3m area (wide arc).
Two-handed MaceBog ThunderLudern Watchtower20-40%Damage to target. If Mosquito: Damage 1,000%.
SpearHoroun's Hunting SpearLudern Ruin70-90%Damage to target. Applies Mark of Horoun. Consumes Mark for an attack of opportunity. 3m range (circle around unit).
BowNarses' Hunting BowLudern Ruin50-90%Damage to target. Applies Mark of Narses. Consumes Mark of Horoun for 2 VP.
One-handed AxeDevotionLudern Boss70-90%Damage to target and gains 2 Rage. Crit: Gain 2 Rage.
One-handed AxeVictoriousHovendorp's Arena75-85%Damage to target. Crit if target is Burning.
One-handed SwordGloryBernna's Arena70-90%Damage to target. if engaged, gain Protection for 1 round.
Two-handed SwordProsperityBernna's Arena70%Damage to area. 2m knockback. If targets collide with terrain or units in 1.5m or less, targets take an additional 1.5x Damage. 2m area (circle around unit).
DaggerBehedite's SanctionGosenburg Ruin55-75%Damage to target. Damage increases by 100% if there are no enemies around the target within 4m.
SpearLiberatorGosenburg Boss80%Damage to target and force disengage. Resets this skill if the unit was already engaged in combat. 3m range (circle around unit).
Off-hand (Axe)FaithlessAlazar Arena20%Passive: After using a skill, this unit, even if they are engaged, deals Damage to the farthest enemy within 6m. Scales with whichever is higher Str or Dex. Not upgradable.
DaggerKruppe's SaexAlazar Boss80-100%Damage to target, Applies 1 Poison as well as Slowdown and Slow Reflexes(half opp. Damage debuff) for 1 turn.

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Wartales Legendary Weapons List (2024)
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