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Corinna Kopf is quite the multifaceted internet star. She started as an Instagram model, and in half a decade branched out to Twitter and YouTube, attracting follows from fashion-forward fanciers and Fortnite fans. She even has her own line of clothing, a feat many streamers never accomplish. Kopf, also known as Pouty Girl, is the rare celebrity who can attract and entertain audiences from contrasting demographics.


While many people know about Kopf's dating history with Tfue — and how she essentially jump started BrookeAB's streaming career — much about her remains a mystery to even her most diehard fans. So for all you Pouty Girl devotees, here are some fun factoids about Kopf — factoids that helped define her personality and made her the fashion-slash-gaming hybrid streamer she is today.

This isthe untold truth of Corinna Kopf.

Nobody seems to know when Corinna got started

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All media figures have to start somewhere. Some internet celebrities began by posting videos and letting the viewers roll in, others made a name for themselves before they started streaming. While Corinna Kopf's early Instagram beginning is common knowledge, her first appearance on YouTube is a mini-mystery.


Many people think Kopf first appeared on the internet in a David Dobrik vlog when they were living together in Los Angeles, but you might be surprised to hear their relationship started much earlier. Apparently, Kopf and Dobrik met at a Jack & Jack concert, and that chance meeting started their friendship. Kopf and Dobrik lived together in Chicago, then moved out to L.A., and Kopf eventually cameoed in one of Dobrik's vlogs.

However, while Kopf has admitted that Dobrik helped her spread her wings, there seems to be some confusion regarding which vlog was Kopf's premier appearance. According to the Vlog Squad Wiki, her first appearance was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the video titled I WANT THOW TO BE FRIENDS WITH THE GABBIE SHOW!!?


Part German, all gamer

Although Corinna Kopf does not make it a point to talk about her background regularly, you might be surprised to know she has strong ties to her German heritage.

While Kopf was born in Illinois, her lineage is 75% German. She has family in Germany, and when she was a kid, visited her German grandparents every summer. Although these visits were helpful for Kopf's mother, who was a single parent at the time and worked while Kopf was hanging out in Germany, Kopf truly enjoyed her annual sojourns.


And yes, Kopf can speak German. She used to be fluent — probably due to spending so much time in Germany with her grandparents — but her skill has rusted a bit. According to Kopf, she can still speak a "good amount," and she can understand German better than she can speak it.

She's been dealing with anxiety issues since she was seven

Anxiety is a serious problem in the modern world. It affects millions of people in America. Moreover, more and more people have anxiety issues every year. If you suffer from anxiety, remember you are not alone, especially if you are a Corinna Kopf fan.


Kopf has experienced anxiety difficulties since she was seven or eight. Her issues first appeared during her annual trips to Germany. The anxiety started small with general homesickness, separation anxiety, and crying herself to sleep, but it quickly snowballed.

Kopf's anxiety evolved from general sadness to breathing problems, but it went undiagnosed at the time. According to Kopf, her grandparents were clueless since they had never experienced anxiety before, so all they could do was take her to the hospital. As luck would have it, though, Kopf's father also dealt with anxiety and often talked her through attacks with funny stories. However, despite his help, Kopf's anxiety-induced breathing problems left a lasting impact on her, since her biggest fear in life is passing out due to lack of oxygen.


While Kopf's anxiety is somewhat under control, she once spent a week convinced she had either lymphoma or leukemia.

Like many little girls, she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Odds are you aspired to a career as a doctor or professional athlete (many children do), instead of a streamer. If so, you have something in common with Corinna Kopf.


As a girl, Kopf grew up with dogs and loves them to this day. While she previously thought she was too busy to own a dog, she adopted one in 2018. In fact, Kopf loved animals so much as a child, she wanted to become a veterinarian. However, life didn't go as planned.

Kopf discovered Instagram modeling fame while she was in college and subsequently dropped out to pursue a career in social media and gaming, which was an advantageous choice. Currently, she has over 4 million Instagram followers, almost half a million Twitch subscribers, over 1 million Twitter fans, almost 2 million YouTube subscribers, and a cool half a million Facebook Gaming followers. Her career switch clearly paid off.

While Corinna delivers laughs, her dad delivers boxes

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Corinna Kopf is an Instagram model and Fortnite streamer, and she also has an entrepreneurial spirit. She signed an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming — many streamers claim they earn more through that platform than Twitch and YouTube. And, she has her own line of clothing, Kopf certainly is quite opportunity savvy, but she doesn't come from an entrepreneurial family. Her father (might) work as a nine-to-five delivery man.


During an interview, Kopf stated that her father works for FedEx. Or UPS. She admitted she doesn't "know what he does anymore," so it's unclear if he is still in the delivery business — or if he has much time to watch her.Since Kopf has her own line of clothing, perhaps her father has delivered a package of Pouty Girl merch before.

Kopf's mother, meanwhile, is retired and spends a lot of time on YouTube, ready to text her daughter a hearty congratulations whenever her subscriber count increases.

How quickly loyalties can shift

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Corinna Kopf is no stranger to internet drama. Her distaste for Alinity is well-documented — almost as much as her complicated relationship with Tfue. However, one of her most infamous internet feuds is with Taylor Caniff, a person she once liked enough to work with directly.


Caniff used to be on top of the world before he dropped off its face. He has an Instagram page and a YouTube channel — his Instagram is occasionally updated, but his YouTube channel hasn't seen any activity in two years. Kopf worked as Caniff's personal assistant at the height of his fame. You might assume Kopf would think highly of him because she got to know the real Caniff, but that's precisely what drove her to lay into him.

Several months after Caniff stated Kopf worked for him, he started blocking people left right and center. Kopf called him out for that behavior and took great care to say he acted like a "little b****." Kopf also verbally flayed him when she claimed he didn't own anything and just rented stuff. However, Kopf dropped a scathing bomb when she tweeted about Caniff allegedly abusing a dog that Kopf raised for him — a dog she adored.


Clearly no love is lost between Kopf and Caniff. Never mess with Kopf or a dog she loves.

She has more tattoos and piercings than fingers

When you think about people with multiple tattoos, you often picture swaths of skin covered in inked art. While Corinna Kopf isn't covered in tattoos, she still reserves several parts of her body so she can immortalize people close to her.


Instead of inking faces or caricatures on her body, Kopf has tattooed words onto her skin to remember her favorite people. For instance, the name of Kopf's friend Jason Nash (shortened to J. Nash) is tattooed on her inner lip, and the words "You are strong I love you" are tattooed on Kopf's foot. The latter is dedicated to her brother who committed suicide.

Kopf also has more than just tattoos. She has long hair, so you might not know just how many piercings she has. Kopf's ears have been pierced multiple times, sometimes to the point where she suffers through the aftermath. But she powers on through it because she loves getting tattooed and pierced. Not to a significant degree mind you — just a fashionable one.


If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

She might not be a vegan, but she tries to be

Since Corinna Kopf started as an Instagram model, she tries to stay in shape. Most doctors agree that the key to a better body is a healthy diet, and Kopf tries to maintain her physique by eating beneficial food — emphasis on "tries."


Because Kopf is an internet celebrity, you might wonder what diet regimen she uses to keep herself healthy. The answer is simple: She's a failed vegan. What does it mean to be a failed vegan? In Kopf's own words, she tries to stay away from animal products, but every so often she is lured in by the siren call of ranch dressing. She still loves vegan food and eats it whenever she can, but she isn't all that strict.

Look no further than Kopf's mukbang videos if you want to know what foods tempt her away from a life of veganism. She has eaten Chick-fil-A, pizza, and burgers. She tends to feel guilty whenever she has these foods since they aren't healthy, but they are her guilty pleasures. At least she goes to the gym to work off the carbs! Even if you are a vegan, food alone won't keep you in shape.



The Untold Truth Of Corinna Kopf - SVG (2024)
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