Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (2024)

Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (1)

See Photos of Your Mail Before It Arrives, Free

Start your mornings with a preview of your day's USPS® mail and packages with Informed Delivery® notifications:

  • Get Daily Digest emails that preview your mail and packages scheduled to arrive soon.
  • See images of your incoming letter-sized mail (grayscale, address side only).1
  • Track and manage your packages in one convenient place.

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Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (2)

Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (3)

Sign Up for Informed Delivery

1 Create Your Account

Use your personal or business account or sign up for one today.

2 Verify Your Identity

Protect your privacy and personal information by verifying your identity and address.

3 Watch for Updates

Look for mail and package updates via email, the online dashboard, or the USPS Mobile® app.

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Maximize Your Informed Delivery Experience

After you set up and verify your account, go to your Informed Delivery settings to adjust your notification preferences:

Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (5)

Set Package Tracking Notifications

Turn on package tracking notifications and you’ll automatically get text and/or email alerts with the status of your package and delivery details.

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Schedule & Receive Mail Reminders

Schedule email reminders for important mailpieces: From your Daily Digest email, click "Set a Reminder" to get additional notifications for mail you don’t want to miss.

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USPS Electronic Signature Online

If you can't sign for a package in person, register your digital signature online, and we'll drop off your Signature Required package in your mailbox or preferred delivery location.2

Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (8)

Do More with Your Packages

Now that you can automatically see the status of your packages in one place, it’s easier to manage deliveries from your Informed Delivery dashboard. You can:

  • See your package details and tracking history
  • Leave USPS Delivery Instructions® for your carrier3
  • Schedule a Redelivery for another day
  • Add a unique package nickname
  • Remove a package you no longer wish to track
  • Automatically track the status of Click-N-Ship® packages you send to other people
  • Manually add other USPS Tracking® numbers that you want to track

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More on Informed Delivery

What is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is a free service from USPS that shows you preview images of incoming mail, as well as status updates about your incoming and outbound packages. You can see those notifications in a morning Daily Digest email, or at any time via the dashboard from your phone, computer, or the USPS Mobile® app. Informed Delivery also has other features that make tracking and receiving your packages easier and more convenient.

How does Informed Delivery work?

As mailpieces travel through the USPS® network, they go through high-speed sorting machines, which take a picture of the front (the side with the address). Informed Delivery shows you grayscale images of those mailpieces arriving soon to your address. (You’ll also see color images of some things, like catalogs or magazines.) Informed Delivery will also show you the status of incoming and outbound packages.

How much does Informed Delivery cost?

Nothing: Informed Delivery is free to customers.

Who is eligible for Informed Delivery?

  • If you have a residential, business, or PO Box address in an eligible ZIP Code (most ZIP Codes are), you may be eligible for Informed Delivery. To enroll in Informed Delivery with a business street or PO Box address, you need a business account.
  • You must have a "uniquely coded" mailbox, and some apartment buildings or condos may not have uniquely coded addresses. Check to see if your address is eligible for Informed Delivery.
  • If your address isn't yet eligible, please check back later.

How do I sign up for Informed Delivery?

  1. If you already have a® account: Go to your account preferences, scroll to the Informed Delivery section, and opt in to Informed Delivery.
  2. If you do not have a account: Go to the Informed Delivery page and click the sign-up link.
    Note: To enroll in Informed Delivery with a business street or PO Box address, you need to create a business account.
  3. Enter your address to check if it's eligible for Informed Delivery.
  4. Provide your account information.
  5. Verify your identity.
  6. Receive Informed Delivery notifications.

What if I can't verify my identity online?

To register for Informed Delivery, USPS needs to verify your identity to ensure your security and privacy. If you can't verify your identity online, you can go to a USPS® location that offers Identity Verification Services. See the Informed Delivery FAQ for more information.

How soon after I register will I start getting images of my mail and package notifications?

Activation time may vary, but you will typically start getting notifications within 3 business days.

I signed up, but I'm not getting mail images or package notifications.

You'll only get mail preview notifications on days that you're getting mail. (You won't get them on Sundays or federal holidays, either.) Also, check your Email Opt-In settings to make sure your email notifications are turned on and are using the right email address. If you still aren't seeing any emails, please check your spam filter settings and make sure that you add the Informed Delivery email address to your email contacts:

What if I'm moving and need to change my address?

Save time: Set up your permanent mail forwarding and update your Informed Delivery at the USPS Change of Address® site.

Need More Help?

View FAQs

You can always access our Email Support and FAQs links from the top of your dashboard.

If you’re a business interested in creating digital marketing campaigns integrated with your mail or packages, go to Informed Delivery for Business Mailers.

1. Images are only provided for letter-sized mailpieces that are processed through USPS's automated equipment. Mail and packages may not arrive the same day you get a notification—please allow several days for delivery.Back^
2. You can use USPS Electronic Signature Online® with Priority Mail Express®, Signature Confirmation, and insured items over $500. You'll still need to sign for other services that require signature upon delivery (like Registered Mail®, Certified Mail®, and Adult Signature Required). See USPS Electronic Signature Online for full details.Back^
3. Not all packages are eligible; see USPS Delivery Instructions® - The Basics for full details.Back^

Informed Delivery® - Mail & Package Notifications | USPS (2024)
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